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Immigration Office Manila
Department of Tourism Manila
Philippine government website with links to different government agencies.
Informations and statistics about any country of the world.


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Philippine Embassies and consulates abroad:

Philippine Embassy Australia

Philippine Consulate General, Sydney

Philippine Embassy in Canada, Ottawa

Philippine Consulate General Toronto, Canada

Philippine Embassy England

Philippine Embassy USA


Foreign embassies and consulates in the Philippines:

US Embassy Manila

Australian Embassy Manila

Embassy of the Netherlands Manila


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Nature and environment
Website about Typhoons, great animations and plenty of information for all people who want to learn something about typhoons.

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Philippine Daily Inquirer, philippine newspaper with the highest circulation.
The Philippine Star
The Manila Bulletin
The Manila Times
Samarnews, Samar

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Website of the Author of the Philippines Travelguide by Jens Peters.
Website of Lonely Planet (English)
Lonely Planet Travel forum.


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Travel by sea

2GO Travel

Supercat Fast Ferries

Oceanjet Fast Ferries

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Domestic Airlines

Air Asia Philippines
Air Asia (Zest) Philippines

Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific

Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines



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International Airlines

The following airlines connect Northern America, Europe, the Pacific or other south - east - asian nations with the Philippines:

Air Asia (Malaysia)

Air France (France)

Asiana Air (Korea)

Royal Brunei Air (Brunei)

Cathay Pacific (Hongkong)

Cebu Pacific (Philippines)

China Airlines (Taiwan)

Continental Airlines (USA)

Emirates (United Arab Emirates, Dubai))

Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi)

Eva Air (Korea)

Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia)

Gulf Air (Abu Dhabi, Bahrein, Qatar, Oman)

JAL (Japan)

Jet Star Asia (Singapore/Australia)

KLM Royal Dutch Ailines (Netherlands)

Korean Air (Korea)

Kuwait Air (Kuwait)

Malaysian Airlines (Malaysia)

Northwest Airlines (USA)

Philippine Airlines (Flagcarrier of the Philippines)

Qantas (Australia)

Qatar Airways (Qatar)

Saudi Air (Saudi Arabia)

Silk Air (Singapore, Singapore Airlines' regional carrier)

Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

Swiss International Airline (Schweiz)

Thai Airways (Thailand)

Tiger Airways (Singapore)

Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam)


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